DIY or Professional Painter

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

DIY, the current trend of doing anything yourself without the involvement of a professional. DIY can be pocket friendly and incurs excitement and satisfaction of getting the job done all by your own hands. But do DIYs always work as expected and give you the same results as done by a professional? Taking a decision on getting the paint job done by yourself or by a painter involves certain criterion that needs to be considered.

Amount of experience - It is very important not to underrate the experience a professional painter when it comes to painting your property. Knowledge about the products that are to be used, preparation that needs to be done for the existing paint work, process from the beginning to the end makes hiring the professionals worth while.

Costs involved - DIY can be cost saving given the fact that you spend money only on the products required. Following the current trend, paint companies have started producing DIY friendly paint options and products for all those who want to save on labour charges of professional painters. Choosing the most suitable paint option can not very difficult if a little research is done on what is expected. Staff at the relevant stores are equipped with the knowledge of suggesting the right products for your paint job.

Insurance - DIY may not be as easy as it sounds. Most unexpected errors happen at the least expected of times. You cannot always be prepared for such disasters. Professional painters have insurance covered for such incidents so that you can handover the paint job to them with peace of mind.

Right equipment - Right equipment is equally important as right products for any job, including painting. You may not have the hardware or tools or budget to purchase them when you want to do the painting by yourself. But professional painters always carry the right tools and equipment with them.

Time - You can do the painting at your own pace when doing it yourself, but you have to keep up with the fumes and odour of the paints as well until the job is done. There may be unexpected delays due to personal or other work related reasons which can significantly increase the time taken to finish. If the above mentioned factors are of no bother, DIY can be quite satisfying. Or else, hiring a professional is the best choice to get the job done by the deadline.

Amount of paint work - Painting is not a dangerous job as such but sometimes the amount of work that should be done can be exhausting. Taking precautions and safety measures is of utmost importance like wearing the right clothing, footwear, covering face with a mask. Small projects such as painting feature walls, doors etc., can be handled easily where as painting whole interiors and exteriors can be quite challenging and risky. Professional painters are trained to handle such jobs with right tools and equipment.

It may happen that when DIYs don't go as expected, hiring professional painters to clean up the mess and re-doing the paint job can get much more expensive than just hiring them in the first place. Professional painters can provide warranty on their workmanship and clean the space once painting job is completed. If you are someone who is always on top of the trend, knowing the right colour schemes for painting your property is a piece of cake but for the rest professional painters are always there to help them choose the right fit.

Happy Painting!

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