Remodeling vs Repainting your kitchen

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Got tired and bored looking at the same kitchen every day? Kitchen remodeling can bring joy and excitement to the whole family. But as cool as it sounds remodeling involves planning, budget, and time, which are all worth it in the end. And for those who do not have all the aforementioned requisites, refreshing your kitchen can bring the same amount of joy.

When refreshing, we can get rid of existing paintwork and repaint the kitchen cabinets and walls with new colours and give your kitchen an updated look working with the same plan and with what you have.

It can save you money. You can do the paint job by yourself or you can hire a professional to save that extra time involved. Both ways, repainting costs you less hassle and money than remodeling or renovating.

You can save time by repainting as it involves fewer steps than remodeling. The main steps include sanding the cabinet/walls to remove existing paint, coat them with primer and paint. This job can take somewhere between three and five days. Voila!

Overall, for those who want to give their kitchen a new makeover in less time and on a low budget, repainting is the best and affordable option. You can always experiment with colours and choose colours that reflect your personality.

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